Using Stencyl to create Android Games

  1. Upload and Stencyl installation. Stencyl is a game-making program that does not require any coding knowledge. You can use various logic tools to manipulate in-game objects.

Stencyl can be used free of cost only if you want to publish your game online. The free version will have a Stencyl logo that appears at the beginning. If you get a paid version, you can publish to another platform.

  1. Create your new Android Game. When you start Stencyl, you will be shown your game list. There will be some examples of games on the list that you can see to see how they work. To start working on your game, click the box with the dot line labeled “Click here to create new Game”
  2. Choose kit. There are several kits that contain ready-made assets and objects that can help you quickly build and run your game. Select the kit if you want, or select “Blank Game” (Blank Game). You can load down the kit created by other users online.
  1. Enter your game information. Before you start building your game, you need to enter some information.

Name – This is your game name. You can replace this later into whatever you want.

Screen size – This is the size of your screen, and very important because it will affect the art you use. Since people will usually play your game with their web searchers, the screen size does not have to be so great. Try Width: 640 px Height: 480 px. This is a good size to start.

  1. Know the layout. When you first load your game, you will be taken to the Dashboard. Here’s where you can see all the scenes for your game and access any source. You can also change your game settings from here. You will spend most of your time working in the Dashboard.

Scene : This is the main Dashboard window, and shows the actual game as well as all the assets. Your game will be a collection of scenes.

Resources (Source) : This is a list of all objects and assets in your game. These include actor, background, font, scene, logic, sound, and tileset. The source is set on the tree to the left of the screen.

Settings : The Game & Settings option lets you customize how your gaming mechanics work, including controls, gravity, crashes, screen loads, and more.

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Different Types of Movie Fans

Different Types of Movie Fans

Different Types of Movie Fans

  1. You are someone who put logic at first? Definitely your favorite movie genre is science fiction. His fortune makes people think and be challenged

For those of you who put logic first, the films of science fiction genre are really the champion of your curiosity to solve a story by involving the mind. Hence, so many times watching this genre movie, you so often follow the mysterious moment in everyday life. Not infrequently also you really like to make people think, like for example giving code to a crush.

  1. Confident, have an interesting person, good heart that usually light hand. Anyway your life is like a movie action or action.

You could say this is not much talk, but more to a lot of action. If people indulge in the intention to help this, you can still suddenly helping. In addition to a charming personal good heart and light hand, you are also known as a figure of confidence.

This confidence that seems to you does not think much long to help someone. You seem to have understood with your own ability. Anyway you are like a champion in action films or games that you often watch.

  1. Likes to watch horror movies at lk21? It could be that you are an exciting person, or maybe just want to scare a girl that you like

When everyone screams while watching a horror movie at lk21, you even laugh fun laugh yourself. Because for you horror movie is a kind of hoax, yes it is a hoax in the movie that ghosts ordinary humans who happened and with a spooky appearance. Plus the dramatist of the movie is made more and more with back sound and other surprises. Well, horror movie is just a piece of cake as you are a brave person.

But, it could be your taste to watch this horror movie one of your trick to get close to a crush. Invite the girl that you like to watch horror movie at lk21, then when she is afraid, you can try to hold her hand or hug her. This might be an old trick but it often works well.

Toyota Fortuner 2018 car release dates

Toyota Fortuner 2018 car release dates

Toyota Fortuner 2018 car release dates

We have discussed the segment LMPV and small hatchback, then we come to the segment that can be said the most popular in 2017, the SUV. The recent market tendency to admire the formidable figure of the SUV does make the manufacturer race the product in this segment, or even dressed non-SUV products in order to crossover look or SUV look.

What about the performance of the SUV itself in Indonesia? Quoted from Gaikindo’s wholesales data in the last 11 months, there are three SUV products that have a striking sales performance, but that does not mean other SUVs outside of these three are not sold well, but indeed the third SUV has a sales figure far above its competitors. These three SUVs are Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Honda CR-V. Yep, despite being berated because he felt his opinion was not heard by APM Toyota; in fact consumers still put the Toyota Fortuner as top in terms of sales.

Toyota Fortuner managed to record 22,188 units from the beginning of 2017 until November yesterday. The second position is the eternal setter that is Mitsubishi Pajer Sport, who managed to record wholesale numbers 17,102 units. For the third position is the Honda CR-V, which in this year getting a fairly massive update, namely the replacement of the old 2.400cc engine unit with a new turbo engine filled 1.500cc. Cars that have the power to penetrate the number 190 PS were successfully sold 13,893 units, of course the combination with the model that was sold before. Then what about the position outside the top three of this SUV? Who is entrenched in the next position?

Compatriot of Honda CR-V Honda-V is the Honda who occupies the fourth position with sales figures 5,361 units. While Nissan this time can smile, because their SUV is Nissan X-Trail is in fifth position with sales of 2,445 units. Practically, the sixth and subsequent positions could not sell its products above 1,000 units, because in the sixth position filled by Lexus RX200 which sold 959 units, and the next Mitsubishi Outlander with 887 units. Mazda still has not managed to raise the position of the Mazda CX-5 which recorded 700 units, although the latest model has been released in the middle of last year.

Isuzu MUX is next positioned with 690 units, followed by Chevrolet Captiva with 249 units, Hyundai Tucson with 228 units, Hyundai Santa Fe with 159 units and Suzuki Grand Vitara with 66 units. From these data, although people have a tendency to like SUV cars, but in fact, SUV sales alone was decreased by 0.46 percent over the same period last year. So, how do you think the SUV sales war in this country? Come to your opinion buddy. After knowing the conclusion, will you still wait for the new Toyota Fortuner 2018 car release dates?

Why is it important to use the right Runners Choice Shoes

Why is it important to use the right Runners Choice Shoes

Why is it important to use the right Runners Choice Shoes

When exercising, of course we will use shoes as footwear. As a layman, we often choose to choose shoes without considering the activities that we will do with these shoes. Not infrequently people who choose shoes based solely on price, color, model, and brand. In fact there are these shoes have been designed specifically for certain activities.

Why is it important to use the right Runners Choice shoes?

In addition to protecting the feet from rocks and other objects that can injure the feet, using the right shoes can protect themselves from injuries that can occur. Without injury, of course you will exercise more comfortably.

Some of the injuries you can avoid using the right shoe include shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, and blisters on painful legs as your feet move. According to expert from, there are at least 50% of recreational sportsmen who wear inappropriate shoes.

Different types of sports, different shoes needed

Each type of sport has its own movement characteristics. Different movement, of course requires different shoes. Here are some examples of shoes that are ideal for certain types of sports.


When playing football, your shoes will experience a lot of pressure especially when playing on a hard surface like a field with artificial grass. Shoes can add pressure to your feet. This pressure can cause calluses and ingrown toenails

Tennis and squash

Tennis and squash sports require a lot of movement to the side. Regular running shoes do not provide the right stability for this movement. Tennis and squash shoes are heavier and stiffer than regular running shoes. This design is suitable for stop-and-go activities where you will stop and move unexpectedly.


Running shoes are good shoes for and only used to run. Running shoes are flexible so your feet can bend as they move but are not suitable for sports with many sideways moves like tennis. Running shoes should feel right at your feet. If it is too narrow, you can have blisters and bruises on your toenails.

The Best Clash Royale hack to Obtain Gold

The Clash Royale Game is the popular adventure game, which the gold and gems are the main wealth used in the game and played the important role. Similar to other games, which the wealth is needed in order to ease the play, since player can use it to buy the weapon and other items. During the game, player needed to win the battle, which on each stage the enemy is harder to defeat. Therefore, player should equipped their character with the equivalent weapon, and purchased it with their gold. However, it is true that its hard to get the gold and gems, and therefore the Clash Royale hack is created.

The Clash Royale hackis the best way to obtain gems and golds and will help player to play the game easily and make their character armed with sufficient weapon. There are many ways in order to obtain the gold as well as the gems, either by application or by website. The former required you to install certain application on the cell phone which you used to play the Clash Royale game. Then afterward, you need to run both the application as well as the game application. Then you will obtain bountiful amount of gold and gems.

Another Clash Royale hackis using the website. Simply search for the hack website for it, and then you will see the direction to obtain the gold and gems as much as possible. The main way is you need to insert your username on the website, and then it will transfer the number of gold you asked. But mind that there is the limitation for the gold asked, which is up to 999 only. While for gems, it is unlimited and you can asked as much as possible. In addition, you can only request it for once, but it is very enough for you to equip your character and to purchase the items you wanted.

A Game Hack Similar to Clash Royale

Have you ever know the game Clash Royale? Yes, the game’s genre of strategy is likely to get a new challenger from local publisher MOGA who launched a new game, the Clash of Dinasty. In the making of this game, MOGA took Enjoy Game as the developer. Clash of Dinasty is a strategy action genre game developed using U3D Engine, which is claimed to have an interesting and good visual and suitable for gamers who often play game strategy.

With an amazing visual display, gamers will have an impressive world travel experience in this game. In this game, there are some maps that can be conquered players in order to pursue level, player rank, items, and others to strengthen his base. Just like Clash Royale , the player can choose a character used for battle. But the difference, these characters can be applied equip to increase the attack of each character. This game has the advantage that the player does not need to have the expertise of the hand to play it, but just have to use his brain in order to strategize against the enemy. Clash of Dinasty itself according to him like old school PC games like Age of Empires and Stronghold.

Unlike Clash Royale that can be downloaded at any smartphone application service provider. However, for Clash of Dinasty itself is newly available for players who use Android platform smartphone, while foriOS is still unplayable, although MOGA promises to release it in the near future. To play this game, the minimum specification that must be owned by smartphone is 1GB RAM, Quad-core processor, Android OS version 5.0 Lollipop. Based on the information provided from the game maker stated that the OS under Lollipop still has not been tried. Therefore the gamers must be patient to wait for this online game developed. However, until now, Clash of Dinasty is still not available in the Google Play Store.


Mystery and Oddity Clash Royale Game

Mystery and Oddity Clash Royale GameMystery and Oddity Clash Royale Hack Game – Hello beloved clasher friend wherever you are, in a game must have the unique and strange things behind the game itself, as it does in the clash royale game, it turns out clash royale has a mystery and an interesting oddity if we talk about it. Mystery and Oddity Clash Royale Game

Hello beloved clasher friend wherever you are, in a game must have the unique and strange things behind the game itself, as it does in the clash royale game, it turns out clash royale has a mystery and an interesting oddity if we talk about it.

The clan’s peculiarities “1 Level” – At first glance this clan looks the same as other clan clans, but if we look further this clan has an oddity that all members are still level 1, do not know what happens to this clan, but CR account level 1 yet can make a clan or join a clan, of course this is still a mystery.

“Doletgoes” Clan Oddity The second mystery and Clash Royale Hack mystery is coming from a clan named Doletgoes, this clan is still a mystery because its members have the same level of xp that is all level 5 even its leader as well and other strange thing is the username of each member a secret code that must still be an unsolved mystery.

Symbol “Finger Hands” – If we look at the main display when opening Clash Royale Hack game, it will look a mystery that remains a mystery, there look 3 icons that brandishing one part of his fingers, knight get the little finger, Prince branded finger clipping and King pointed the index finger, if combined between the little finger and the index finger would be a symbol of the horn, the horn here is associated with the horn of the devil. Again there is an icon that holds up a finger, it is located in the Clash Royale Shop section, if you look carefully there goblin characters who are working on a watch and strangely the character also pointed little finger that sometimes little finger is moving, is this? Certainly remains a mystery.

Run a diet program

Run a diet program

Run a diet program

How to lose 8 kg of weight in a week can be done easily, with a note you do it seriously and by taking best diet pills 2018. Having excess weight does sometimes have a negative effect on you. For example, be less confident with your appearance or as a general secret that obesity causes pain easily, which is true. Well, one way to overcome these problems is to run a diet program. Currently, many specific ways of diet are published through various media. You can get the rules of the diet from the internet, magazines, television, and so forth. However, the key to diet or how to manage the body within 1 week is a strong desire and also consistent in doing so. Well, for those of you who want to try some ways to lose weight in a short time, we have some tips that might be useful for you.

In running a diet program or weight loss program, not a few people who fail to do so. This is usually caused by a lack of awareness of people who are on a diet and inconsistent with their own dietary commitments. The temptation to feel lazy and good but not healthy food that can actually gain weight is usually difficult to avoid. Breaking dietary restrictions results in unsatisfactory results, even diets can fail. Let alone 1 week to lose weight, if you cannot be consistent, 1 year time will not be enough. Well, here are some ways to lose 8 kg of weight in a week that you can try.

If you’ve been eating too much rice and eating sweet foods that contain lots of sugar, now is the time you reduce the consumption of both. This is because carbohydrates and sugars can increase the hormone insulin. Well, although this hormone can serve to stabilize blood sugar levels, but the hormone insulin can also store fat in the body. So if you receive too much carbohydrate and sugar intake, more fat will accumulate. In addition to reducing carbohydrates (refined carbohydrates, example: white bread) and sugar, you can also keep yourself from the risk of diabetes, liver, and kidney disorders.

Funny things that can happen in the movie

Funny things that can happen in the movie

Funny things that can happen in the movie

When fear starts to overwhelm, imagine the funny things that can happen in the movie in your head. Do not let fear overwhelm you; you and your brain can certainly control the terror so as not to destroy your guts. Imagine the funny scenarios that can occur in the film to reduce your tension. That’s the joy of download film

For example, imagine ghost tripping or stumbling something. Can also by imagining the protagonist instead turn scary ghost with various comments or silly acts. Similar to the parodies that are often made by the movie franchise ‘Scary Movies’

In addition, remind yourself also if everything that happens on the screen is just mere engineering

When you start feeling insecure, just keep in mind that everything that’s going on in front of you is a work of fiction is not real. The blood you see is just the thick syrup and the food coloring, the pallid, pale face you see just the faces of the actress and the cute actor who is make up. The haunted house is originally an ordinary house or studio and horrible movements that are not just normal computer effects.

Even if you see the process of making the film, where dozens to hundreds of staff turned out to have been around the movie players, would make you to fail to fear again.

Yeah … If you’re still scared too, try to bust your mouth with chewing snacks so your concentration can be divided.

Sharing your attention by busied yourself to eat, can often help reduce tension. Activity chew also believed to reduce stress and feeling depressed, so you can be more relaxed while watching a spooky movie though. So prepare a lot of snacks before you start watching a horror movie. Do not forget to share it with your movie buddies!

The occurrence of this 18 month sleeps regression

The occurrence of this 18 month sleeps regression

The occurrence of this 18 month sleeps regression

In the first years of parenting, the question we are most likely to ask is, “Is the baby asleep all night?” But in fact, as many as a third of parents claim to have lied to their baby’s sleep patterns, for fear of family and friend judgment if they all know that babies have trouble sleeping deeply for longer periods of time.

However, the evidence that supports the normality of night sleep throughout the first years of life will continue to grow as babies get older. Here are 4 unexpected things that affect a child’s sleep quality:

The term “sleep regression” is used to describe a period of time when the sleeping patterns of infants or children change. This regression is usually seen in children aged 4, 9, 13 and 18 months, and often coincides with major milestones such as rolling, crawling and walking.

Because the baby processes information during sleep, it becomes more awake when approaching a new milestone. The occurrence of this 18 month sleep regression appears as a sign of normal child development. Unfortunately, many parents often see the disturbance of their child’s sleep patterns as a problem, but these are all temporary changes and should provide a gentle and convincing response to help the child get back to sleep.

Innovation Continues in Kardus

Innovation Continues in Kardus

Innovation Continues in Kardus

Innovation continues in the craft industry made from cardboard. Moreover, when used the right glue as well as quality. With the right glue, we can form cardboard more freely so that many unthinkable crafts can be made. It’s just that choosing the right glue for the cardboard is not easy. Tips from us, follow the points below to get the right glue for crafts from kardus.


  1. Choose the type of glue craft. Do not buy wood glue that is too “excessive” and tends to not fit the paper.
  2. Buy the glue that when dried becomes transparent (remember when the glue is dry, not when the glue is still liquid).
  3. Buy water-based glue so that the product smell does not sting like oil.
  4. Buy a safe glue, especially if you intend to export products abroad.
  5. Buy an easy-to-use glue. Example of the glue that meets all five criteria above is Ultra Phaethon glue.


Formulated with PVAc base material specially designed for multifarious crafts ranging from decoupage to cardboard, Ultra Phaethon has a variety of very interesting features. This glue is strong, water-based, safe to use, easy to use, and has good dry speed.

Ultra Phaethon also does not cause color when applied. The price of this glue is also affordable. It is suitable for you who are opening a craft business made from cardboard and similar materials.

Enjoying walk with best snowshoes

Enjoying walk with best snowshoes

Enjoying walk with best snowshoes

Last and also important is the best snowshoes. Imagine at a temperature of minus 15 degrees Celsius you have to walk while enjoying the beauty of a city. Under your feet the snow is most often in contact with your feet. Therefore the right shoes will make you comfortable in traveling in the winter. In my opinion, the most suitable shoe is the boot type for winter. Common boot features are:


Snow is actually a frozen rainwater molecule, therefore at any time the snow can melt and make your shoes wet. When your shoes are not waterproof, water penetrating shoes will cool your feet and of course can be a disaster for you. Therefore, prepare shoes that are waterproof

2.Has a warmer layer

Some shoe brands offer heated technology with various features. For example the Ecco brand uses a technology called Goretex as a waterproof membrane coating and can store warm body temperature. Uniquely this membrane can breathe so as not to make smelly shoes. Other brands have their own features or simply have a wool coat that is also warm.

Granny pods floor plans for living room

Granny pods floor plans for living room

Granny pods floor plans for living room

The living room is the main and first place when you entertain your guests, we are sure that you want to have a living room with an attractive appearance thus you will make your guests feel comfortable. To make your Granny pods floor plans living room look attractive you definitely have to decorate it well, decorating space is something that is very important, but there is no definitive formula when it comes to dealing with the decoration of the living room. To decorate the living room one only needs to consider the style, needs and size of space

To decorate the living room sometimes required certain ornaments, but the most common are paintings, vases, potted plants and lamps. For art lovers, decorating the living room by placing a painting is a must, the paintings can be either a work of its own or the work of others. Meanwhile, the vase of flowers becomes the main choice for most women; they tend to decorate their living room with a vase of flowers. Then what about plant potted plants? Well, if you want to make a natural impression in your living room eating potted plants is the right choice for that. Do not forget also about the lights, there are various styles of lights both classical and modern for this is tailored to your own style and character and there is no limit to it.

Furniture is the key of a decoration and room design; a living room will not be complete without furniture. Consider carefully when choosing furniture for the living room, first is to see how big your living room then choose the main furniture first such as desks, sofas and shelves because the three is a must in a living room, then you start trying to add furniture and decoration as complementary design and decoration of the living room.

Price Estimation Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Price Estimation Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Price Estimation Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Travel back and forth to the hometown is usually filled with bring many luggage from home. Usually, the luggage is available in full car, thus sacrificing the cabin space for the goods, so the convenience is reduced. Well, one solution is to apply the additional baggage on the best rooftop cargo carrier.But, what is the estimated cost incurred to install this additional accessory? Check out the following reviews. There are various brands of roofbox in the market, including Hapro and Thule. Prices for these accessories vary, depending on the size of the storage capacity.

Price and type of best rooftop cargo carrierit is different, but it is only for roofbox just not added its crossbar. New roofbox applications can be done if the car is already using a crossbar tool that is useful as a holder on the roof of the car. There is no price stuff, this term also applies to crossbar quality. But it is recommended for users Thule and Hapro more ideal use crossbar brand roofbox as more precise and guaranteed. The advantages of the Hapro and Thule crossbar besides the stronger material are also equipped with lock system, safer when left or when the road is far away.

Usually some new car output is directly equipped with roof rails from the manufacturer, this is better because only buy best rooftop cargo carrierand crossbar as buffer. As for the car that has not been equipped with a roof rail can use crossbar sportrack with clamp system above the car door. The Thule version of the crossbar for the car with roof rail is sold for Rp 3.7 million and Hapro version Rp 3.25 million. While crossbar sportrack universal for cars that have or not equipped roof rail only Rp 800.000. From here it can estimate the price. For example, Thule Type Ocean 100 roofbox with price Rp 4.9 million plus crossbar Rp 3.7 million, total to Rp 8.6 million. So also for Hapro, Roady 450 model with a price of Rp 4.95 million plus crossbar Rp 3.25 million, bringing the total to Rp 8.15 million, while the crossbar sportrack universal just added to the price of the roofbox you want to use.

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Fleur de lis home decor for minimalist house

Fleur de lis home decor for minimalist house

Fleur de lis home decor for minimalist house

Minimalist house is currently in vogue lately because of its high aesthetic value but still not forgetting its functional value. Fleur de lis home décor is suitable for minimalist house

As well as a minimalist home though with a simple concept but can provide elegant elements and also magnificent in one house design work. This is why the minimalist home design becomes very popular.

However, it should be noted when you cannot determine the right minimalist home decorations elegant elements and also magnificent certainly cannot appear in your minimalist home concept.

Therefore, there are some tips so you can create the perfect decoration for your minimalist home.

This minimalist home decoration actually includes many things including the minimalist home furniture decoration used in every room you.

In order to create harmony between the concepts of the room with the overall concept of the house, make sure you do not use furniture with the opposite theme.

For example to decorate the living room you adjust between the color of the wall paint with the color of the sofa, sofa model, and also the concept for all looks dynamic and well matched.

You can use the arrangement of all the furniture also with a comfortable so good you know also your guests will still feel comfortable while in the living room.

In order for your living room has a strong minimalist concept tries decorating a minimalist home on the living room with a cream or wood color neutral.

These colors include colors that are often used to make the room look more minimalist feel.

In addition, a minimalist sofa model with type L or U can also use.

Sofa with this model if combined with a transparent glass sofa with a size not too big will be sweetening your living room minimalist.

With minimalist home decor minimalist simple concept will be created in your living room.