Using Stencyl to create Android Games

  1. Upload and Stencyl installation. Stencyl is a game-making program that does not require any coding knowledge. You can use various logic tools to manipulate in-game objects.

Stencyl can be used free of cost only if you want to publish your game online. The free version will have a Stencyl logo that appears at the beginning. If you get a paid version, you can publish to another platform.

  1. Create your new Android Game. When you start Stencyl, you will be shown your game list. There will be some examples of games on the list that you can see to see how they work. To start working on your game, click the box with the dot line labeled “Click here to create new Game”
  2. Choose kit. There are several kits that contain ready-made assets and objects that can help you quickly build and run your game. Select the kit if you want, or select “Blank Game” (Blank Game). You can load down the kit created by other users online.
  1. Enter your game information. Before you start building your game, you need to enter some information.

Name – This is your game name. You can replace this later into whatever you want.

Screen size – This is the size of your screen, and very important because it will affect the art you use. Since people will usually play your game with their web searchers, the screen size does not have to be so great. Try Width: 640 px Height: 480 px. This is a good size to start.

  1. Know the layout. When you first load your game, you will be taken to the Dashboard. Here’s where you can see all the scenes for your game and access any source. You can also change your game settings from here. You will spend most of your time working in the Dashboard.

Scene : This is the main Dashboard window, and shows the actual game as well as all the assets. Your game will be a collection of scenes.

Resources (Source) : This is a list of all objects and assets in your game. These include actor, background, font, scene, logic, sound, and tileset. The source is set on the tree to the left of the screen.

Settings : The Game & Settings option lets you customize how your gaming mechanics work, including controls, gravity, crashes, screen loads, and more.

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