Some side effects of watching movies addiction

Television is an electronic device that is inseparable from modern human life. Since the birth of television, many people have fallen in love and become television lovers. Did you know that watching television can cause various diseases? Research on the dangers of television has been carried out by various countries. Now, please refer to some of the dangers that can infect television addicts, the following:

  1. Reduction in vision or nearsightedness

Watching television for more than 3 hours per day is at risk of reducing vision and can lead to blindness. This phenomenon is increasingly widespread in various countries.

  1. Difficulty sleeping or insomnia

Some studies have found the adverse effects of television on human sleep patterns. Some people even experience difficulty sleeping because they watch too much television.

  1. Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can also be triggered by watching too much television. Especially if you already have a risk because of genetic.

  1. Obesity

It has become a habit for television viewers to eat snacks when watching. Many children who are too long in front of television suffer from obesity. Likewise, adults who tend to sit and watch without other activities that drain energy, will automatically suffer from obesity.

  1. Puberty that is too early

Watch shows that are not age-appropriate and contain pornography, trigger early puberty for some children.

  1. Triggering aggressiveness

Smelling spectacle is thought to cause higher aggressiveness among television addicts.

Well, beware of those of you who like to watch excessive television. Don’t let one or more of these dangers infect you. Switch television watching activities with healthy physical activity, such as cycling, playing badminton with you. Thus it can reduce the adverse effects of watching television.

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Asthma due to coughing

Some types of cough can also be a sign of asthma. Dry cough that is not accompanied by phlegm will cause the respiratory organs to not produce mucus, so the respiratory tract will feel more congested. Common symptoms of this asthma are coughing and heavier breathing.

Here are some types of signs of asthma symptoms due to coughing:

  • Coughing has occurred for a longer time sometimes up to 2 months or more
  • Coughing does not only occur at night but throughout the day
  • Patients will find it difficult to carry out various activities and are difficult to sleep
  • Coughing will become more severe when doing strenuous activities or exercise
  • Sometimes coughing becomes worse if you smell the perfume, dust or animal hair
  • How to treat asthma due to coughing is the use of various types of asthma spray drugs such as albuterol and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Asthma due to the environment

Environment can be one of the causes of asthma. This type of asthma is caused because in an environment there are special substances that attack the respiratory system. Exposure to various types of chemicals can be a trigger for this type of asthma. Here are some types of causes of asthma that come from the environment.

  • There is an allergen substance that comes from the environment – this reaction is more commonly found as in allergic asthma
  • The presence of substances that can cause irritation to the respiratory organs – This reaction is usually suffered by people affected by asthma because of the danger of cigarette smoke or the smell of perfume.
  • The presence of chemicals that enter the respiratory tract, especially the lungs – This case is more common in people who work in the chemical industry or involve chemicals.

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