Some side effects of watching movies addiction

Television is an electronic device that is inseparable from modern human life. Since the birth of television, many people have fallen in love and become television lovers. Did you know that watching television can cause various diseases? Research on the dangers of television has been carried out by various countries. Now, please refer to some of the dangers that can infect television addicts, the following:

  1. Reduction in vision or nearsightedness

Watching television for more than 3 hours per day is at risk of reducing vision and can lead to blindness. This phenomenon is increasingly widespread in various countries.

  1. Difficulty sleeping or insomnia

Some studies have found the adverse effects of television on human sleep patterns. Some people even experience difficulty sleeping because they watch too much television.

  1. Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can also be triggered by watching too much television. Especially if you already have a risk because of genetic.

  1. Obesity

It has become a habit for television viewers to eat snacks when watching. Many children who are too long in front of television suffer from obesity. Likewise, adults who tend to sit and watch without other activities that drain energy, will automatically suffer from obesity.

  1. Puberty that is too early

Watch shows that are not age-appropriate and contain pornography, trigger early puberty for some children.

  1. Triggering aggressiveness

Smelling spectacle is thought to cause higher aggressiveness among television addicts.

Well, beware of those of you who like to watch excessive television. Don’t let one or more of these dangers infect you. Switch television watching activities with healthy physical activity, such as cycling, playing badminton with you. Thus it can reduce the adverse effects of watching television.

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Different Types of Movie Fans

Different Types of Movie Fans

Different Types of Movie Fans

  1. You are someone who put logic at first? Definitely your favorite movie genre is science fiction. His fortune makes people think and be challenged

For those of you who put logic first, the films of science fiction genre are really the champion of your curiosity to solve a story by involving the mind. Hence, so many times watching this genre movie, you so often follow the mysterious moment in everyday life. Not infrequently also you really like to make people think, like for example giving code to a crush.

  1. Confident, have an interesting person, good heart that usually light hand. Anyway your life is like a movie action or action.

You could say this is not much talk, but more to a lot of action. If people indulge in the intention to help this, you can still suddenly helping. In addition to a charming personal good heart and light hand, you are also known as a figure of confidence.

This confidence that seems to you does not think much long to help someone. You seem to have understood with your own ability. Anyway you are like a champion in action films or games that you often watch.

  1. Likes to watch horror movies at lk21? It could be that you are an exciting person, or maybe just want to scare a girl that you like

When everyone screams while watching a horror movie at lk21, you even laugh fun laugh yourself. Because for you horror movie is a kind of hoax, yes it is a hoax in the movie that ghosts ordinary humans who happened and with a spooky appearance. Plus the dramatist of the movie is made more and more with back sound and other surprises. Well, horror movie is just a piece of cake as you are a brave person.

But, it could be your taste to watch this horror movie one of your trick to get close to a crush. Invite the girl that you like to watch horror movie at lk21, then when she is afraid, you can try to hold her hand or hug her. This might be an old trick but it often works well.

Mystery and Oddity Clash Royale Game

Mystery and Oddity Clash Royale GameMystery and Oddity Clash Royale Hack Game – Hello beloved clasher friend wherever you are, in a game must have the unique and strange things behind the game itself, as it does in the clash royale game, it turns out clash royale has a mystery and an interesting oddity if we talk about it. Mystery and Oddity Clash Royale Game

Hello beloved clasher friend wherever you are, in a game must have the unique and strange things behind the game itself, as it does in the clash royale game, it turns out clash royale has a mystery and an interesting oddity if we talk about it.

The clan’s peculiarities “1 Level” – At first glance this clan looks the same as other clan clans, but if we look further this clan has an oddity that all members are still level 1, do not know what happens to this clan, but CR account level 1 yet can make a clan or join a clan, of course this is still a mystery.

“Doletgoes” Clan Oddity The second mystery and Clash Royale Hack mystery is coming from a clan named Doletgoes, this clan is still a mystery because its members have the same level of xp that is all level 5 even its leader as well and other strange thing is the username of each member a secret code that must still be an unsolved mystery.

Symbol “Finger Hands” – If we look at the main display when opening Clash Royale Hack game, it will look a mystery that remains a mystery, there look 3 icons that brandishing one part of his fingers, knight get the little finger, Prince branded finger clipping and King pointed the index finger, if combined between the little finger and the index finger would be a symbol of the horn, the horn here is associated with the horn of the devil. Again there is an icon that holds up a finger, it is located in the Clash Royale Shop section, if you look carefully there goblin characters who are working on a watch and strangely the character also pointed little finger that sometimes little finger is moving, is this? Certainly remains a mystery.

Funny things that can happen in the movie

Funny things that can happen in the movie

Funny things that can happen in the movie

When fear starts to overwhelm, imagine the funny things that can happen in the movie in your head. Do not let fear overwhelm you; you and your brain can certainly control the terror so as not to destroy your guts. Imagine the funny scenarios that can occur in the film to reduce your tension. That’s the joy of download film

For example, imagine ghost tripping or stumbling something. Can also by imagining the protagonist instead turn scary ghost with various comments or silly acts. Similar to the parodies that are often made by the movie franchise ‘Scary Movies’

In addition, remind yourself also if everything that happens on the screen is just mere engineering

When you start feeling insecure, just keep in mind that everything that’s going on in front of you is a work of fiction is not real. The blood you see is just the thick syrup and the food coloring, the pallid, pale face you see just the faces of the actress and the cute actor who is make up. The haunted house is originally an ordinary house or studio and horrible movements that are not just normal computer effects.

Even if you see the process of making the film, where dozens to hundreds of staff turned out to have been around the movie players, would make you to fail to fear again.

Yeah … If you’re still scared too, try to bust your mouth with chewing snacks so your concentration can be divided.

Sharing your attention by busied yourself to eat, can often help reduce tension. Activity chew also believed to reduce stress and feeling depressed, so you can be more relaxed while watching a spooky movie though. So prepare a lot of snacks before you start watching a horror movie. Do not forget to share it with your movie buddies!