Tricks how to carry heavy bags in correct ways

High mobility requires you to carry various items in the bag, from laptop to several power bank. However, bags that are too heavy and carrying the wrong way can cause muscle injury and joint damage. These tips can help you reduce the stiffness when carrying heavy bags.

Carrying a bag always on one side can make shoulder muscles work too hard and can worsen posture. To prevent this, move the bag from the left shoulder to the right and vice versa after a few minutes or when the shoulder carrying the load starts to feel sore.

Learn the Tips and Tricks

Do not get used to carry handbag in the curve of the arm. If the load carried is too heavy, this can cause elbow injuries such as tendinitis. You’d better divide the load by carrying two bags, rather than one very heavy bag.

The wide-strap bag serves to load more evenly over the shoulders. It would be better if the rope is equipped with a cushion, so that the load does not inhibit blood circulation. Conversely, a bag with a small rope, will make the burden centered on a narrow area so that the muscle work in the area become excessive. Small rope bags are suitable only for light loads.

Backpack is designed to carry with both shoulders, so the load is halved and feels lighter. Unlike the carrying case only rests on one shoulder, so the whole load is focused at one point and obviously this will be very burdensome muscle work.

Wear the bag with the position of sling and adjust the length of the rope, so that the bag is not too swinging. This position will make the load resting on the muscles of the torso, so the burden on the lower back is reduced

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