What is the Main Function from Vitamin C?

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a vitamin needed by the body to produce a substance called collagen. Collagen is very important to maintain health and repair of cartilage, teeth, bones, and skin. In addition to supplements, vitamin C can also be obtained from most fruits and vegetables, such as kiwi, orange, tomato, strawberry, lemon, pineapple, papaya, broccoli, chili, potatoes, and peppers.

The main function of vitamin C supplements is to prevent and treat vitamin C deficiency. But this supplement also has various important roles for the body, such as helping wound healing, maintaining healthy connective tissue, and helping to protect body cells. Vitamin C is available in a variety of brands that can be purchased freely in pharmacies.

Warning in consuming vitamin C:

  • For women who are planning to become pregnant, are pregnant, or breastfeeding, adjust the dosage with the doctor’s advice.
  • Please be careful for people who have diabetes problems, hypoglycemia, hypertension, kidney disorders, and cancer.
  • If there is an allergic reaction or an overdose after taking vitamin C supplements, see your doctor immediately.

Dosage of Vitamin C that is suggested:

The dose of vitamin C consumed should be adjusted to the conditions. To overcome vitamin C deficiency, the dose usually ranges from 25-300 mg per day. Meanwhile, to prevent vitamin C deficiency, the dose usually ranges from 25-75 mg per day.

The Vitamin C Benefits from Oranges

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The Importance of Easy PointClickCare Software Update for Users

The cloud storage service such as the one given by Pint Click Care is considered as something nice to use. That is because many people can easily store their data on the cloud without having to worry about anything. If you are also one of those people who are using the PointClickCare Software for your cloud storage need, there is one simple thing that you will love from them. It is the software update.

Understanding How Cloud Storage Works

Many people think that updating the software for the cloud storage will be something a bit hard to do. However, the same thing cannot be found on this software. That is because this cloud storage service gives you the simple software update. You just need a simple clicks and the software will be updated to the newest versions.

As an addition to that, the simple system of PointClickCare Software is something that many people love to have. The system that you can find on the software is considered as one system that tends to help all of the users. That is because the user interface is totally easy to do and you can also access most of the features from this software as much as you want.

What is the PointClickCare Core Platform?


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How to Give Help when You Loving Someone with Depression

When one partner feels depressed, this can impose on your marriage relationship. Living with a depressed partner who is often unhappy, critical, and tends to have negative thoughts about anything and anyone in his life.

– Through depression together

Your enemy is his illness, not your depressed partner. Help your partner feel better, can be a way to walk around together, take him to the doctor, or ensure that the drug is taken regularly. Make sure he knows that he does not have to go through it himself and you know that his condition is not at all pleasant.

– Avoid a negative way of responding

Dealing with a depressed partner may be provoking anger and hatred. Remember, his condition will get worse if you respond with anger. This will make it even more stressful to see you are not at his side or agree with him.

– Listen to her complaints

Encourage your partner to be more open to problems or things that make him depressed. Do not cut the conversation, let him say whatever it is even though there may be some things that relate to you.

– Offer to accompany him to the doctor

Depression is not a condition that can be ignored. It can be said to be quite serious, therefore as a good partner and has a high concern, offer him options such as to the doctor and assure him that you will always be at his side during the healing process.

– Explain the impact on the child

For couples who already have children, it’s good if you explain to your partner that whatever happens to their parents affects the child and his health. That way, the couple will be more alert or think twice to show the face of stress in front of the child. The practice of hiding sadness and trying to smile positively distracts her from the thing that makes her depressed.

The Wonderful Relationship Loving Someone with Depression

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Some sinus infection symptoms

Some of the main symptoms of nasal polyp are similar to flu and cold symptoms. But flu and cold symptoms will disappear after a few days. Symptoms of nasal polyp will not disappear if left untreated. Immediately see an ENT doctor if you feel you have symptoms of nasal polyps.

Complications that can occur due to nasal polyps are:

The sinus infection symptoms is common. Sinusitis is an inflammation or infection of the sinus tissue. Sinus is a small hole filled with air around the bones of the face. If the polyp grows in or around the sinuses, fluid and mucus will accumulate in this hole as it is covered by a polyp.

Sinus infection occurs because the fluid in the sinuses cannot flow out due to polyps. Here are some sinus infection symptoms:

  • The pain in the face, especially around the infected sinuses
  • Fever
  • Nasal congestion and watery
  • Loss of sense of smell
  • Bad breath

Symptoms of sinusitis can occur several times in people who suffer from nasal polyps. If left and prolonged, the infection can spread to the eyes. This condition can lead to swelling of the eyes and affect your eyes.

Sleep Apnea Disorders. Sleep apnea is a disorder due to breathing difficulties that occur while sleeping. People who suffer from sleep apnea will stop breathing repeatedly while they are asleep. One of the causes of sleep apnea is the presence of large nose polyps that cover one’s airways while sleeping.

Many people do not realize they have sleep apnea because this condition does not wake them up completely. But the next day sleep apnea sufferers will feel tired and sleepy because the quality of their sleep remains disturbed.

Other complications:

  • This condition will occur if the infection spreads to the membranes and fluids that surround the brain and spine.
  • Asthma attack.
  • The spread of infection into the eye socket, which can cause swelling of the eyes, loss of eye movement, reduced vision and even blindness.

Run a diet program

Run a diet program

Run a diet program

How to lose 8 kg of weight in a week can be done easily, with a note you do it seriously and by taking best diet pills 2018. Having excess weight does sometimes have a negative effect on you. For example, be less confident with your appearance or as a general secret that obesity causes pain easily, which is true. Well, one way to overcome these problems is to run a diet program. Currently, many specific ways of diet are published through various media. You can get the rules of the diet from the internet, magazines, television, and so forth. However, the key to diet or how to manage the body within 1 week is a strong desire and also consistent in doing so. Well, for those of you who want to try some ways to lose weight in a short time, we have some tips that might be useful for you.

In running a diet program or weight loss program, not a few people who fail to do so. This is usually caused by a lack of awareness of people who are on a diet and inconsistent with their own dietary commitments. The temptation to feel lazy and good but not healthy food that can actually gain weight is usually difficult to avoid. Breaking dietary restrictions results in unsatisfactory results, even diets can fail. Let alone 1 week to lose weight, if you cannot be consistent, 1 year time will not be enough. Well, here are some ways to lose 8 kg of weight in a week that you can try.

If you’ve been eating too much rice and eating sweet foods that contain lots of sugar, now is the time you reduce the consumption of both. This is because carbohydrates and sugars can increase the hormone insulin. Well, although this hormone can serve to stabilize blood sugar levels, but the hormone insulin can also store fat in the body. So if you receive too much carbohydrate and sugar intake, more fat will accumulate. In addition to reducing carbohydrates (refined carbohydrates, example: white bread) and sugar, you can also keep yourself from the risk of diabetes, liver, and kidney disorders.

The occurrence of this 18 month sleeps regression

The occurrence of this 18 month sleeps regression

The occurrence of this 18 month sleeps regression

In the first years of parenting, the question we are most likely to ask is, “Is the baby asleep all night?” But in fact, as many as a third of parents claim to have lied to their baby’s sleep patterns, for fear of family and friend judgment if they all know that babies have trouble sleeping deeply for longer periods of time.

However, the evidence that supports the normality of night sleep throughout the first years of life will continue to grow as babies get older. Here are 4 unexpected things that affect a child’s sleep quality:

The term “sleep regression” is used to describe a period of time when the sleeping patterns of infants or children change. This regression is usually seen in children aged 4, 9, 13 and 18 months, and often coincides with major milestones such as rolling, crawling and walking.

Because the baby processes information during sleep, it becomes more awake when approaching a new milestone. The occurrence of this 18 month sleep regression appears as a sign of normal child development. Unfortunately, many parents often see the disturbance of their child’s sleep patterns as a problem, but these are all temporary changes and should provide a gentle and convincing response to help the child get back to sleep.