Why Air knife is a simple and effective tool?

Air knife is a simple and effective tool for drying and cleaning products. The water jet system uses a very uniform and uniform air plate for effective use.

  • Remove liquid.
  • Check the thickness of the liquid.
  • Dry liquid layer
  • Remove foreign matter
  • The product surface is fresh.
  • Generate a downward force to attach a mechanical substance to the surface

Level gauges are the most effective and efficient way to remove or control surface debris. Most air knives stop when the product passes the conveyor belt, but products are stationery, some systems move the air knife. The possibility of supplying air knives to various industries is very high.

Industrial pneumatic knifes are compressed air plenums with continuous slots and compressed air flows in laminar flow (uniform). The velocity of the air at the outlet gives rise to an impact velocity on the surface of all the products directed in the air. Thus, the air knife changes the surface of the article without mechanical contact.

According to applicable standards, the fixed configuration of aerodynamic knifes may require more than two air knifes. The high speed centrifugal fan blows air through the air knife gap to provide a constant amount and speed. The current in the antistatic rod can be injected into the backflow of the outlet to neutralize the static electricity on some surfaces.

It is suitable for radial fans, radial fans, and side channel blowers! This prevents expensive equipment from being developed inside the company and creating drafts and veils. The air knife fully measures and measures the air flow at the desired location.