Don’t Be Afraid to Take Body Supplements

For some people who diligently taking vitamin C supplements, there is a wrong myth that believe taking supplements can make people become fat. Myths claim that these supplements make the appetite so increase, and eventually make them eat more than usual. As a result, people’s bodies slowly swell and become fat.

In response, national nutritionists and teachers from the University of Nutrition Science, explained, taking vitamin C supplements has nothing to do with weight gain.

Question of Supplement Can or Cannot Make People Fat?

Furthermore, expert explains, the cause of obesity can occur because of intake into the body where the number of calories that enter more than issued. So, not because someone regularly take vitamin C supplements.

While supplements can stimulate appetite, indeed it can happen. However, the condition occurs when a person’s body lacks nutrients. In effect, the body so ask for a lot of food intake. That’s the context of vitamin C supplements in stimulating appetite. But if the direct link that routine drinking supplements can make people fat, of course cannot answer. There is no connection at all between taking supplements and getting fat.

The benefits of vitamin C supplements need to be consumed by a person is to complete the fulfillment of vitamins and minerals that cannot be met from the food that he ate every day. So, when you are able to regularly eat healthy foods and diligently taking supplements, your body resistance would be good. The effect, you are so not susceptible to disease.

However, people’s consciousness to take vitamin C supplements every day is still relatively not much until now. In fact, there are people who should already need to take supplements instead of drinking.

Yes, there are signs that someone is malnourished to take vitamin C supplements. What are they?

A nutritionist expert, explained, signs of malnutrition can be seen in two ways. First, you can go to the laboratory if you want to know your specific malnutrition.

While for the invisible, among others, when your skin turned to pale, tingling sensation during the move, dry lips and cracked, spotty, wounds that do not heal quickly, weakness and mumps.

As for all the signs are caused due to deficiencies of certain vitamins, such as pale skin due to iron, tingling due to vitamin B complex, broken lips due to B2 deficiency, wounds that not recovered due to vitamin C, and goiter due to iodine.

Therefore, you should be more sensitive about the nutritional conditions in your body. If you feel one of the signs above, then it’s time you need to take vitamin C supplements, of course, combined with eating nutritious food.

One important reason why a person with nutritional deficiency needs to take supplements is because his body’s immunity is weakened. And very likely to get sick, either because of contracting from others or because the virus that enter the body through food or air.

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