Why is it important to use the right Runners Choice Shoes

Why is it important to use the right Runners Choice Shoes

Why is it important to use the right Runners Choice Shoes

When exercising, of course we will use shoes as footwear. As a layman, we often choose to choose shoes without considering the activities that we will do with these shoes. Not infrequently people who choose shoes based solely on price, color, model, and brand. In fact there are these shoes have been designed specifically for certain activities.

Why is it important to use the right Runners Choice shoes?

In addition to protecting the feet from rocks and other objects that can injure the feet, using the right shoes can protect themselves from injuries that can occur. Without injury, of course you will exercise more comfortably.

Some of the injuries you can avoid using the right shoe include shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, and blisters on painful legs as your feet move. According to expert from https://www.runnerschoice.net/, there are at least 50% of recreational sportsmen who wear inappropriate shoes.

Different types of sports, different shoes needed

Each type of sport has its own movement characteristics. Different movement, of course requires different shoes. Here are some examples of shoes that are ideal for certain types of sports.


When playing football, your shoes will experience a lot of pressure especially when playing on a hard surface like a field with artificial grass. Shoes can add pressure to your feet. This pressure can cause calluses and ingrown toenails

Tennis and squash

Tennis and squash sports require a lot of movement to the side. Regular running shoes do not provide the right stability for this movement. Tennis and squash shoes are heavier and stiffer than regular running shoes. This design is suitable for stop-and-go activities where you will stop and move unexpectedly.


Running shoes are good shoes for and only used to run. Running shoes are flexible so your feet can bend as they move but are not suitable for sports with many sideways moves like tennis. Running shoes should feel right at your feet. If it is too narrow, you can have blisters and bruises on your toenails.