Choosing a white sofa Home decor

Choosing a white sofa for home decor sometimes creates fear. Undoubtedly, light colors get dirtier, but only know how to clean the layers.

The choice of furniture depends on the available budget and function, but in terms of aesthetics feel free to choose what we want and make us feel comfortable. White couch can give a touch of elegance and refinement for all types of furniture.

In addition, white color is never blemish and therefore can brighten a slightly darker environment and matches all other colors. So as to reduce color contrast, emphasize bright detail or from a particular design and become a good base to improve and give homogeneity to furniture and accessories that are also very different from each other. Let’s look at some examples.

This large, sunny living room reveals all the rigidity and essence of modern and minimal furniture. White domination is not compromised, except by gray details that accentuate the geometry of space in a clean and linear sequence.

The green water color of the hand-painted tile floor is the broad and bright living room protagonist. The huge fireplace and wood detail made the whole place comfortable. White ceilings, walls and sofas enhance a refreshingly cool feel.

The modern and refined living room, where the sides of modern furniture, with its dark profile, meet the brightness of white. Also the neutral warmth of the wood floors and the elegance of the high ceilings, typical of shelter houses. Create to enjoy the vitality of life thanks to the colorful paintings.