Tips about Best Vacuum Cleaner You Should Know

A vacuum cleaner is one of the household appliances that has many types such as handy, robot and wireless types. However, maybe many of you prefer tube-type vacuum cleaners. This time, we will provide important points to consider when buying a tube type vacuum cleaner and recommending the best vacuum cleaner.

How to choose a tube vacuum cleaner

Tube vacuum cleaner is one type of vacuum cleaner that is popular in the community. Although this type of vacuum cleaner is quite old-fashioned, this product continues to increase in quality from year to year. Below we will explain how to choose a good vacuum cleaner tube.

Choose a dust collection system. Based on the dust container system, the tube vacuum cleaner is divided into two, namely the cyclone type and the type of dust bag.

No need to throw dust too often, type of dust bag. This type of exhaust system is a classic type that existed a long time ago. You only need to install a dust bag in the vacuum cleaner and dispose of the dust if it is full. One of the advantages, when removing dust that has been collected, you do not need to come into direct contact with the dust, and the dust that has been collected will not fly.

How to use this type of vacuum cleaner is very easy, even the elderly can use it. However, one disadvantage is that the aspirated air will come out after passing through the garbage and dust inside the engine. This can cause the house to smell, it is also dangerous for those of you who have allergies. You should not breathe directly the air released from the vacuum cleaner and keep it away from babies who are susceptible to allergies.

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